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Located along Montenegro’s coast that borders the Adriatic sea is Kotor, a secluded city that is nestled up against the Bay of Kotor. Around 13,500 people live here and sister city Dobrota in this former Mediterranean port and one of the oldest cities in Montenegro where the Europe’s most southern fjords, stunning limestone cliffs that [...]


Nestled in the mountain regions of Montenegro, Kolasin is a small city with a very long and storied past that is attractive to tourists that are interested in both history and winter sporting activities. While the city proper has a total population of slightly less than 3,000 people, the surrounding municipality plays host to almost [...]



Serving as one of the premiere destinations for visitors to the nation of Montenegro, Budva is located along the coast of the Adriatic Sea and offers a large range of activities for tourists to enjoy. This is a very old city, over twenty five centuries old and one of the very first settlements along the [...]


Located in the southernmost province of Montenegro, Cetinje is a city that has a long history and it also the place where the nation’s President has his official place of residence. In the past, this was the capital of Montenegro and today it is still considered to be something of a second capital, behind the [...]


There are many ways to travel in Montenegro, but most visitors tend to arrive by plane since this is the most common means of global travel. The vast majority of tourists who come to the country will be landing at Podgorica Airport, a major hub of travel and flying aboard Montenegro Airlines. This airline [...]


Compared with many nations, particularly those of its size around the world, Montenegro has quite an impressive economy that is now primarily focused on the service sector. In the past, the nation devoted itself primarily to the pursuits of the industrial era such as the processing of metals, wood industry in the country’s vast forests [...]


While every country in the world has its own geographical wonders, Montenegro is a nation that is rich with a range of fascinating natural environments to explore. Situated along the borders of Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Kosovo, Serbia and the shores of the Adriatic Sea, Montenegro is packed with variety that countries several times its size [...]