Tivat is the youngest city in the Boka region and documents show inhabitation since around the 3rd Century BC. The city was a very important religious center during the 14th and 15th centuries. The town offers a rich history and culture that can be seen in much of its character today. The small, quaint coastal town is considered to have been founded during the Illyrian Period prior to 168 BC. It has, throughout its history, been ruled by Austrians as well as Byzantines, Romans, Serbs, Turks and Venetians. Nazi troops controlled it between 1941 and 1944.

During the Middle Ages, Tivat belonged to the aristocrats from Kotor, Dobrota and Prcanj. Chalets and castles dotted the landscapes, along with the Church of St. Anton which was built in 1373. From 1420 until 1797, Tivat was under rule by the Republic of Venice as part of Albania Veneta. By the end of the 19th century, it was turned into its own town.

Peter Munk took over the military base used by the Army of Montenegro in the past and turned it into Porto Montenegro. This mega marina and vacation resort is located on the Adriatic Sea and offers a nautical village with shops and restaurants as well as a marina for some of the largest and finest yachts in the world. A huge black and white infinity pool offers a panoramic view of the mountain peaks and the Adriatic Sea.Porto Montenegro offers luxury homes in Venetian architecture and the French Riviera styled resort and marina is chosen by many as the finest in the world.

The beaches in Tivat are renowned for their crystal clear waters and astounding backdrops. Many of the beaches are set against the backdrop of the mountains in the region and tourists have long found Tivat to be among their favored Mediterranean locations.

The Tivat Airport is the largest in Montenegro and although it offers mostly domestic flights, there are international flights that connect Montenegro with Vienna as well as London and various other locations in Europe. The climate in the region is much like other Mediterranean areas with rainy and mild winters and hot and dry summers. The beach season in Tivat begins in April and runs until October when many tourists choose to visit the area.

There are a number of sights that tourists can enjoy when visiting Tivat. The Renaissance Summer House is one of the most commonly visited areas in Tivat. It offers Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Many nearby islands also catch the attention of tourists. Gornja Lastva or Flowers Island along with Stradioti and Sv. Nikola offer beautiful sights and very interesting day trips and all can be accessed easily from Tivat. Restaurants, shops and hotels abound in the town as well.

Although a small, quaint coastal village, Tivat is very well known among tourists. Many travel to this region of Montenegro yearly to enjoy the pristine beaches, the natural landscapes and architectural sights. Ocean lovers and yacht owners visit Tivat for Porto Montenegro and its various resort amenities.

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